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Protect your assets, Protect your future

Who will benefit from your assets?

Firstly – your partner and your children. I believe that assets should be protected for the family on an intergenerational basis. Protect your children’s future.

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Protect what matters most to you and your family with Trust’Up. Our services make the sometimes-complicated parts of life a little clearer. We understand what you value most and devise a strategy to honour it.
Trust’Up will make sure to understand what you value the most and devise a blueprint to honour it.We will ascertain who will benefit from your assets when you pass on and legally transform those decisions.
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Advise on an appropriate structure: Including trustees consider appropriate beneficiaries . what assets should your trust own.

Wills and Trusts

Wills and Trusts do have some overlap, there are also several differences between each. Ultimately, both are ways to say who will receive your assets. They just do it in different ways, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.


Want to give a large gift to a trust or family member?

Shared Property Agreements

Property Sharing Agreements are contracts created between two or more owners of a property. This type of agreement is often used where friends or family plan on purchasing a property together.

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Other services related to property, trusts, contracting out agreements etc.

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One of the principal drivers behind having a family trust today is for asset protection.

First of all, if you have come out of a relationship, a family trust is an important tool in the toolbox in protecting you moving ahead in the future against possible relationship issues. It should be put in place as you come out of that past relationship. However, it cannot stand alone as you enter that new relationship but should be closely investigated in conjunction with a Contracting Out Agreement as you move into a new relationship.

Secondly, if you are in business you house and other assets should be owned by a family trust. If you can get you house into a family trust and so long as it is not used as security by a pesky creditor it should be protected against creditor attacks. Yes, there are some provisos to this but properly structured it is a very good first step in getting some good asset protection in place you’re your partner, family and for you.


Have you come out of a relationship? Are you going into a relationship with assets that should be protected for you and for your family in the event of relationship issues moving ahead? If the answer to either question is “yes”, you deserve it to your family and you to investigate a Contracting Out Agreement.  

The main type of trust in New Zealand that Jo Public needs to think about is a family trust. For more information on family trusts click on . . . to see a brochure setting out the main points on a family trust.

You are not required to have a will. However, if you do not have a will you will have no choice where you hard earned assets and investments will go.

You can leave whatever you like to whoever you like. However, there are certain people you simply cannot ignore such as children, grandchildren and your partner. And, there are some basic “rules” for you to think about if you really do want to keep that disaffected child out of your will.
Trust’Up provides you with professional advice on purchasing your business. We are able to suggest the questions you should ask before you make an offer to purchase the business. We can also draft (or check) the agreement prior to purchasing the business, look at the fineprint of the lease, incorporate a company or other entity to complete the purchase on your behalf, deal with the vendor’s lawyers as well as your Bank, and act  in conjunction with your lawyer on the completion of the settlement.

We can also put in place a carefully crafted structure by means of asset protection to ensure what you have built up over the years before you go into business can be protected as far as practically possible.

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